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Herbeau Store
Faucets, Basins, Tubs & Toilets for Bathrooms
Taps, Sinks & Accessories for Kitchens

Herbeau specializes in faucets, sinks, tubs and toilets. With a wide array of accessories, such as towel bars, lighting fixtures and decorative tiles
Herbeau -Store offers luxury kitchen & bath faucets, showers, accessories

Kitchen Couture
Herbeau - Kitchen Faucets
Herbeau - Kitchen and Bar Sinks
Herbeau - Kitchen Accessories

Bathroom Couture
Herbeau - Fixture Washbasins
Herbeau - Fixture Tubs
Herbeau - Fixture Toilets and Bidets
Herbeau - Fixture Accessories
Herbeau - AD Monarque - Faucets
Herbeau - AD Monarque - Fixtures
Herbeau - AD Monarque - Tub Fillers
Herbeau - AD Monarque - Showers
Herbeau - AD Monarque - Accessories
Herbeau - Pompadour - Faucets
Herbeau - Pompadour - Tub Fillers
Herbeau - Pompadour - Showers
Herbeau - Pompadour - Accessories
Herbeau - Royale - Faucets
Herbeau - Royale - Tub Fillers
Herbeau - Royale - Showers
Herbeau - Royale - Accessories
Herbeau - Lille - Faucets
Herbeau - Lille - Tub Fillers
Herbeau - Lille - Showers
Herbeau - Lille - Accessories

Powder Room Couture
Herbeau - Vignette - Carline
Herbeau - Vignette - Charly
Herbeau - Vignette - Coquille
Herbeau - Vignette - Neptune
Herbeau - Vignette - Niche
Herbeau - Vignette - Sophie
Herbeau - Vignette - Valse
Herbeau - Accessories
Herbeau - Bowls and Washbasins
Herbeau - Faucets And Mixers
Herbeau - Furniture
Herbeau - Tiles

Founded in 1857, five generations of family tradition have made Herbeau a leading source of 19th Century French kitchen and bath products.
Whether your preference is a rustic farmhouse kitchen in Provence or a chateau bathroom in the Loire, Herbeau Creation's combine authentic period design with the highest quality materials and modern technology to create a feast for the senses.

Carla Washbasin
De Dion Single Lever Mixer

Monarque Toilet Bowl
Toilet Bowl

Royale High Arc Lav Set
Royale High Arc Lav Set

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Herbeau -Store offers luxury kitchen & bath faucets, showers, accessories
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